Sunday, November 6, 2011


one of our assignments was to do a piece related to the occupy movements, in the style of a specific artist.  I ignored the assignment a little bit and used it as an excuse to draw caricatures of republican pundits and nominees.  style inspired by john cuneo.

I started off with this painting of glenn beck, and I was happy with the likeness, but it was too flat and I knew I could push it further.

in this painting I pushed it way more, but along the way I got carried away with the drawing and the colors and lost the likeness.

this painting ended up being my final for glenn.  I still lost some of the likeness but overall I was the happiest with this one.

after taking on glenn, I moved onto michele bachman, who I had drawn a little bit earlier in the semester for a different assignment.  I had a harder time pushing her face.  I usually have more trouble caricaturing women because I have a harder time keeping myself from going on autopilot and just drawing a pretty portrait.

next up:  rush limbaugh.  I don't think I have to worry about making him too pretty.

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