Tuesday, November 29, 2011

swan maiden + tiger

For my illustration final, I'm doing a series of watercolors of scenes from the Swan Maiden fairy tale.  This is part one of three.  I've been really inspired by Golden Age illustrators for the past few weeks, since our class took a trip to the Brandywine Museum and I discovered artists like Franklin Booth and Kay Nielsen.

 This was an assignment from a little bit ago, we had to do a piece based around a letter, and I chose "T".  James Gurney also came to my school and gave a talk which I got to see around the same time as I was starting this, and hearing him talk about his process was really inspiring.  The amount of research he puts into his pieces is crazy, and it made me want to start doing more planning for me pieces instead of just jumping right in.
Here are two quick photocopies of the linework I had so I could get more of and idea of how I wanted to the light and colors to work.

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